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Area Rugs

Expert Area Rug Cleaning in Parksville, Qualicum, Nanaimo, & Ladysmith

If you are looking for professional area rug cleaning services in Parksville, Qualicum, Nanaimo, and Ladysmith, you can place your trust in the rug cleaning experts at Elite Cleaning & Restoration. We use high performance equipment and advanced techniques and methods to suit your rug’s particular weave fibre and dyes. With our expert care combined with quality products, you can be assured that your area rug will look more beautiful than it did before. If your area rugs need professional cleaning and special care, reach out to us for an exceptional area rug cleaning service today!

We Are Area Rug Cleaning Experts

At Elite Cleaning & Restoration, we understand the value of a fine oriental area rug, such as Persian rugs and wool rugs. With proper care and maintenance, these rugs can be more than just household furnishing - they can be a lifetime investment. To this end, we offer our rug cleaning services to ensure that you get maximum years of beauty and function out of your area rugs.

  • Our rug-cleaning experts recognize different fibres, constructions, and types of rugs.

  • We apply custom cleaning techniques and procedures that restore the originality of your rugs and minimize concerned areas in all types of specialty rugs while returning them to a clean and refreshed condition.

  • All rugs are deemed dry by moisture meter readings, then bagged and returned to you.

  • We do not clean silk rugs, jute rugs, nor viscose rugs because satisfactory results cannot be guaranteed.

Our Area Rug Cleaning Process

We have a meticulous rug cleaning process in place to ensure safe handling and the best cleaning results for your valuable area rugs.


Firstly, your area rugs are inspected carefully. Aside from ascertaining their type and formation, we also take note of the damages (if any) found on your rugs.

Colourfast Testing

No rug moves ahead for cleaning without passing our colourfast test. It is performed to ensure that your rugs are not susceptible to fading and can be cleaned safely.

Particle Removal

Particulate matter can stay stuck and hidden within the intricate weaves of your rug. We use a professional rug duster prior to the cleaning process and remove such particulate matter.


Your rug’s stained or dirtiest areas are pre-treated by applying a gentle pre-spray. It is allowed to sit for 10-15 minutes before cleaning. This pre-sprayed formula is then extracted during the cleaning process.


After cleaning, your rugs are hung to dry with air movers and dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process when possible. However, some rugs need to dry flat to ensure the best results.

After-Cleaning Inspection

Optimal dryness is important. That’s why prior to bagging your area rugs, we check them with a moisture meter to ensure complete dryness so that you find your rugs ready for use.

Free Pick-Up And Delivery

Having your high-end area rugs cleaned at Elite Cleaning & Restoration is a convenient experience. We will pick up your area rugs, have them cleaned with the utmost care, and deliver them back to you fresh, soft, and odour-free. For a professional rug cleaning job in Parksville, Qualicum, Nanaimo, and Ladysmith, call Elite Cleaning & Restoration today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Stains on Area Rugs?

Ask us about your options!

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