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Wool Rugs

Quality Wool Rug Cleaning in Parksville, Qualicum, Nanaimo, & Ladysmith

Oriental-style rugs are statement decor and the pride of their owners, and we know that you want to keep them looking flawless. If you need help with the cleaning and care of your gorgeous wool rug, then turn to Elite Cleaning & Restoration. We provide professional deep cleaning service and stain treatment for all types of wool rugs in Parksville, Qualicum, Nanaimo, and Ladysmith. Over the past 15 years in our business, we have cleaned wool rugs of all sizes, dimensions, and weave types. Trust our expert technicians and proven cleaning process to make your wool rugs last for generations!

Benefits of Wool Rugs for Homes

Wool woven into an area rug may look like a luxury, but it is a great investment - something that you can enjoy and benefit from for many years with proper care. For most homeowners, the wool rug is the first choice for its comfort, lasting appeal, and remarkable durability. Primarily recognized for their soft, cushioning texture, warmth, and lasting clean look, wool rugs are often found accentuating living rooms or high-traffic areas. Also, wool rugs have an exceptional insulating quality that provides added protection against cold and noise.

Benefits of Wool Rugs for Businesses

For commercial establishments such as offices, stores, and fine dining restaurants, wool rugs can be the easiest way to spruce up your floor and property’s ambience. Coming in an assortment of colours, shapes, and styles, they can help create a great first impression on your guests or customers. Wool is naturally stain and spill-resistant, ensuring that a minor accident does not ruin the high-end aura of your facility. However, this doesn’t imply that you can put off rug cleaning for too long. Elite Cleaning & Restoration can help you keep your wool rugs free of dirt and stains all year around.

Does Your Wool Rug Look Dull?

Revive your wool rug’s pristine look with our professional cleaning service!

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